EnSci Sydney 2024 – International Conference on Engineering & Sciences, 24-25 April

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EnSci Sydney 2024 – International Conference on Engineering & Sciences, 24-25 April

Conference Name: EnSci Sydney 2024 – International Conference on Engineering & Sciences, 24-25 April

Registrations for Online LIVE Conference on Zoom Meeting Open

Conference Dates: 24-25 April 2024

Conference Application Form: Click Here

Conference Venue: Holiday Inn Potts Point, Sydney, Australia

Deadline for Abstract/Paper Submissions: 22 April 2024

Conference Format: Online

Contact E-Mail ID: convener@eurasiaresearch.info

Organising Scholarly Association: Scientific & Technical Research Association (STRA)

STRA List of Members: Click Here

STRA President: Dr Liudmyla Gryzun, Full Professor, Information Systems Department, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Conference Language: English

Conference Themes: Science & Technology

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(Vernacular Session, e.g., European Languages, Arabic, Bahasa, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, will be organised for a minimum of 5 or more participants of a particular language)

(Only English language, full-length, original papers will be considered for publication in conference journals)

Online LIVE International Conference, 11th January 2024

In-person conference held in April 2022 at London, UK

Venue: The Tomlinson Centre, Queensbridge Road, London




Dr. Leila Mekacher

SRH Vocational Training Center, Neckargemünd, Germany

Topic: Digital Escape Rooms in Educational Contexts, With a Focus on Digital Technologies and their Pedagogical Applications

Dr. rer. nat. Leila Mekacher, a passionate engineer and Head of Digital Research and Innovation, is an ambassador for STEM and founder of the Technological Education Center at the SRH Vocational Training Center, as well as an external lecturer at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim. She studied electrical engineering and automation technology and completed her doctorate in robotics and software engineering. Ms. Mekacher uses immersive technologies and gamification to shape the digital future of education, work, and inclusion. With her companies, Innoversa gUG and Innoversa Factory GmbH, she promotes the further education of people with challenges in future-oriented technologies and involves them in her research and development projects and companies in order to open up new career opportunities for them.

About her topic she tells us the use of digital escape rooms as educational tools in learning environments is a relatively new concept. The emphasis is on the development of digital educational escape rooms and how they improve learning outcomes for online learners. This includes integrating digital elements such as QR codes, applications, virtual and augmented reality, to complement the physical components of an escape room.

Profile Web-links

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dr-rer-nat-dipl-ing-leila-mekacher-901741178  

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Leila-Mekacher-Zouaghi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/i/flow/login?redirect_after_login=%2Fdrmekacher  


 Prof. Joko Suroso

Lecturer at National Islamic University of Kiai Haji Achmad Siddiq Jember, East Java Indonesia

Topic: An Analysis of Social Science Problem Instruction Model Subject to Elevate Senior High School Students Problem Solving Ability

 National Islamic University of Kiai Haji Achmad Shiddiq Jember (UINKHAS) is a national college under the ministry of Religion Republic Indonesia. Prof. Joko Suroso currently worked at UINKHAS as the lecturer for science and physics major in faculty of teacher training and education since 2019. Thus, it is his huge responsibility to establish such scientific research dealing with the value of Tri Dharma (The three principles) in the college. Since the year of 2019 until 2024 he has always been active to join international seminars or even to have research held by whether domestic university or abroad. In addition, there are 4 journals he has published in reputable publisher both for domestic and international level. In a period of 2 years, 3 international journals have been published (2021-2023). Prof. Joko Suroso gives an additional value to increase the value of university accreditation.

Profile Web-links

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Joko-Suroso-2  

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=DtM3gzwAAAAJ&hl=en

Facebook Profile: jokosuroso1965@gmail.com



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